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5G is not just a faster 4G. It will fundamentally reshape

 how enterprises run businesses and overhaul a wide range of industries by using data to create more value,” Lu said. Greater access to China’s financial sector will encourage global investors and dispel the gloom clouding the global econo my amid Beijing’s trade tensions with Washington, according to senior officials and economists. Chinese financial regulators are…

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attracting talents and capital. This in turn prompts the autho

rities to introduce more favorable policies and regulations for the enterprises bas ed in the US, which is essentially a combination of representative democracy and market econ omy. Under such circumstances, how can the US promote sustainable reindustrialization? Besides, reindustrialization is not possible without rebuilding or strengthen ing infrastructure facilities. And although the US leader…

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Beijing to enlarge collaborative outreachcorations are pre

Beijing’s municipal government has built bridges between Chinese co mpanies and countries associated with the Belt and Roa d Initiative in recent years and plans to enlarge its communication in more fields in the future. Xiong Jiuling, head of Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Office, said the capital w ill make greater efforts in nongovernmental exchange programs…

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