Month: January 2019

Responded to tencent charged by Revelations toannounced

(the original title: unable to wikipedia Haidian court official website announced that due to think “indiscretions encyclopedia” web publishing, spreading fals e information, but of its business reputation and product reputation, shenzhen tencent computer systems co., LT D., and tencent technology (Beijing) co., LTD., on the grounds that the dispute of unfair competition, will be…

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Money should be suspected of plagiftware A ba

Think one Limited launched “currency should be” comprehensive copying After court review preliminary evidence that tencent2019/01/23/shlfokcn/ave the facts an d legal basis.Than WeChat software and “currency should be” (inChat) software interface design and cor responding function after setting, the court said “money should be” (inChat) software interface design, function set ting and WeChat software interface…

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